Serendipity and Epiphanies

I love epiphanies. I love the way they just show up. Just like epiphanies should.

I’ve collaborated over this past year with a wonderful coach: an accidental, serendipitous coach, and a most welcomed one. I’ve experienced a number of epiphanies as a result.  Over the decades, because I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, I’ve acquired a number of skills and lots of information about lots of subjects. Partly as a result I developed Gould’s Rules. Originally there were five, because five is easy to remember.  I post my rules wherever I work, I tell people about them, I blog about them and am writing a self-help book to help/encourage others to find their own rules.  Several years ago I hired a young man because of his work ethic and his demeanor on the phone; it took less than a minute to decide. After about a year of working with him he suggested that I should add a sixth rule; “In all things, leave people better than you find them.”  One should not change rules easily, but after many months of pondering I had an epiphany. “This rule is the most important one.”  I added it. Go forward to last night, 5 Nov 2015. I’m sitting at the airport with my serendipitous coach and this rule comes up and he said, “You should make that your brand. You need to have a brand.”  Ding ding ding, the light bulb goes off, the stars align, planetary conjunction occurs and an epiphany happens.   I realized that my passion for leaving people better than I find them is my brand and has been for a while.  I simply have to publish/market it.  So today I declare on the open Internet, to the world and all within radio reception distance of earth that “Leave people better than you find them” is my brand.  Thanks for listening.

Another epiphany occurred last night as I lay in bed trying to wind down and get to sleep after flying home. Random thoughts of advancing myself as a coach have been floating around my mind for a few weeks. Last night it dawned on me that I need to build a network around me of like-minded people in the coaching and transformation arena.  It isn’t enough to think about it; you have to go do something.  So here I am: 1) blogging for the third week in a row, 2) reviewing looking for a suitable group, and 3) deciding to start a group if I can’t find one. Why not, it won’t hurt.

And the strangest serendipity happened. I found a meetup group on loving yourself whose background picture was similar to the banner dramatically reminding me of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

In Oct of 2011. I wrote this.


He cast his eyes upon the brilliant field of yellow daffodils

He’d worked all winter long to plant them

And as they grew their green shoots skyward, his hopes for beauty pinned him

The yellow blossoms formed, the fruit of labor bursting, soaring.

There was amidst the beauty formed, a blight, an aberration

And though the field in glory lay ten thousand rows of yellow

His eye could only see the single spot, a thorn, a ruining fellow

For one of thousands in the field its color that of scarlet

Stood out against the yellow scene and drew the eye towards it

It is with us our beauty lauded by masses of adoring

One word, one cast of condescension, then all is lost within us

And too when truer eyes upon our blight are cast

We find the truth and know ourselves at last

Don Gould

Oct 2011


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