Oh Frabjous Day, Calooh, Callay – Exploring the Practice of Antifragility

A funny thing happened on the way to get published.  I’ve been writing for several years; mostly novels and a self-help book on finding your own rules for living.  And, lo and behold, a ray of light by the name of Si Alhir came unexpectedly into my universe bringing a much broader view of the world and spurring me on to become more. One of those spurs is Nassim Taleb’s seminal work “Antifragility – Things that Gain from Disorder“.  As a result of learning these fundamental principles I have found myself inexorably drawn them. I am intrigued by the implications and even more so by how these principles might be used.

Gould’s Rule 6 states, “In all things leave people better than you find them.”

For a couple of decades, at least, Gould’s Rules have been a central part of the way I cope with the world around me. I don’t change the rules easily as being wishy-washy doesn’t provide consistency and constancy.  Rule 6 was added last, about ten years ago, as a result of a recommendation by someone I was coaching. The rules are not just a reflection of the world around me, they are a light I used to shine the way to new things. Rule 6 has been especially useful in this respect as it has led me to study human nature, human systems, models of behavior, and other ways to understand and cope with those around me. The goal of http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-Practice-Antifragility-Sinan-Alhir-ebook/dp/B018B6S394/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448119793&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Exploring+perspective+in+antifragility all this interest is and has been to improve how I can leave people better than I find them.  Another spur brought into my life is coaching.  Years ago I worked with a coach. She helped me see myself sufficiently differently to embark on a better path more suitable to my nature. One thing she helped me realize is that it’s okay to leave things on the back burner. I am a creative person and have many interests. I was driving myself crazy with guilt not getting to everything.

How does the first paragraph fit with the second?  Antifragility.  One of the premises is that systems get stronger when exposed to unknowns, stresses, and ambiguity.  In this particular example, the impact of the unknown influences from my now friend Si, spurred me on to much greater understanding of myself. The stresses helped me realize a course I can take to have even more positive influence on those around me, and generally move toward a much more resilient state of being.

As a result, Si and I, with Si being the primary driver, have published, “Exploring the Practice of Antifragility“.  This eBook contains my own thoughts as well as Si’s.  More importantly it is a collection of Explorations from others.  We will be adding to the book’s content as others contribute. The goal is to advance the understanding of Taleb’s work from theory and explanation into intentional behaviors designed to increase antifragility.

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2 responses to “Oh Frabjous Day, Calooh, Callay – Exploring the Practice of Antifragility

    • Thank you so much. The idea that such a fundamental concept might have the possibility to be put into intentional practice is both exciting and a bit scary. Exciting because of the possibilities to leave people better than found and scary because to intentionally analyze a situation, determine a “gain”, and then decide on an action is fundementally a predictive exercise. This is why, in the book, we will continue to gather “Explorations”.


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